Vizantijske figure – (samogradnja)

Miltenović Đorđe – Ovde su prikazane Vizantijske figure u samogradnji čiji su autori uglavnom Grčki maketari.  Većinu slika obezbedio je Theodoros Giannakopoulos.

Officer of the “Excuvitores” imperial guards 870 AD

“Clivanarios” Calvaryman


By Thanos Vassilikos

Emperor Nikeforos Focas by Ioannis Papoulakos

Byzantine Dragonarius

by Thanos Vassilikos



by Thanos Vassilikos

Emperos Heraclius


by Kostas Kariotelis

Byzantine Infantryman


by Panayotis Tsetsekas

Byzantine infantryman by unknown modeler


(Byzantine fortress Commander)

by Ioannis Papoulakos

Varangian guard, 90mm, by Thanos Vassilikos

Varangian guard by César de la Peña.

Thessaloniki 2010 by unknown modeler

Thessaloniki 2010 by unknown modeler

Calvaryman by unknown modeler

Byzantine Officer, 1453 Siege of Constantinopolis 75mm by Christos Panagiotopoulos

Byzantine Emperor 12th c. 75mm by CHRISTOS PANAGIOTOPOULOS


Battle of Manzikert
sculpted by Babis Stathis
painted by ChrisP

Byzantine Catafract 10th ce. George Moschakis


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