M24 Chaffee, Italeri, 1/35 WOT

aDSCF9975Djordje Miltenovic – This is my 1/35 Italeri model of Chaffee and it represents tank that I have in my garage in the game. Only difference is that my in-game tank have two stars on the gun barrel, for now. I did not use any of the decals I received in the box.  I used a combination of decals I have in my stash instead.

Chaffee 2First thing that I noticed when I saw Italeri kit is that there is a difference between tank used in the game and the one in the box. I am not Chaffee expert and I did not bother to determent which version is  which. I simply wanted to make in-game version of the tank so I had to do some simple changes on the kit. aDSCF9978
First thing that I changed is the gun barrel. The one in the box is in fact “stock” gun of the in-game tank which I did not wanted to use. So I found aftermarket metal gun barrel for Achilles, modified a muzzle a little bit and fitted in a gun mantlet.aDSCF9981
In-game tank has some strange “door” in front of driver hatch which I made of two pieces of plastic. There are a number a some other small changes which I did, like position of antenna, spare tracks position … I also had to make some additional small plastic parts which are not included the box. I had to left some parts in the box also.
I chose not to make the construction on the back part of the in-game tank because it was complicate to make at the moment. aDSCF9977
I also chose not to put coat of arms of my current clan because clan can be changed and I am not sure for which clan I will play in a future.
Camo represent desert camouflage used in the game for American tanks and to achieve it I used a combination of oil based paints and acrylics. aDSCF9976

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