Second Scale Modeling Exhibition – Skoplje

11006019_10204355740026884_1688700959_nScale Modeling Club „Skopje“ It will do us a great honor if You accept our invitation and join us in our efforts of spreading the hobby in the country by displaying Your scale models alongside ours. The exhibition will take place in the Army Home (Dom na ARM) in the center of Skopje, and the working hours will be from 12h-20h every exhibition day, except the day of the grand opening March, 4th . The grand opening will be held on March, 4th 2015 at 20h. The exhibition will be opened by the Air Force Commander, the president of the club and the director of the institution the exhibition is held in. If You decide to come, please let us know until February, 25th 2015, and send us a list of the models that will be displayed and author’s names so we can make an inventory list.J7YbvSJ


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