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Niš Model Show 2018 results

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Battle of Teutoburg Forest

djordje-miltenovic_180504_5aec1c4034f41-1600x1067Autor: Đorđe Miltenović
Foto: Boris Rakić
Razmera: 54 mm
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PzKpfw ll Ausf.C

31732149_2126184064076504_5813956439567237120_oFoto: Vladimir Markovic
Lokacija : Kalemegdan
Godina: 2018
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Nemci u Niškoj Banji 1941-1944

Niska Banja
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Flavius Belisarius

аIMG_5269Autor: Đorđe Miltenović
Foto: Predrag Stevović
Razmera: 54 mm
Proizvodjac: Art-Girona


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7.5 cm Pak 97/38

20171109_103729Foto: Đorđe Miltenović
Godina: 2017
Lokacija: Banja Luka

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Figures of Byzantine Emperors

img04591-20160506-2344Đorđe Miltenović – So far I discovered 13 figures of commercial scale miniatures Byzantine Emperors that can be found on the internet. Some of them are long out of production and very difficult to find and some of them are still around. Evolution of Byzantine armor, costume and military equipment can be seen here.
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